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(2014/04) Professor Yeon Sik Jung received Wiley-PSK JPS Young Scientist Award in the Winter Meeting of the Polymer society of Korea.

(2014/04) Jong Min Kim received the Excellent Paper Award in Conference of the next generation lithography

(2014/04) Professor Yeon Sik Jung‘s study “Three-Dimensional Nanofabrication by Block Copolymer Self-Assembly” is accepted by Advanced Materials.

(2014/03) Kiung Jeon joins the group.

(2014/02) Jong Min Kim received the Excellent Paper Award in the Winter Meeting of the Optical Society of Korea.

(2014/02) Jong Min Kim(master’s degree), Kwangmin Baek(master’s degree) and Tae Won Nam(undergraduate degree)  completed the whole course.

(2014/02) Funnano group go to Muju resort for winter membership training.

(2014/02) Professor Yeon Sik Jung‘s study “Long-range ordered self-assembly of novel acrylamide-based diblock copolymers” is accepted by Advanced Materials.

(2013/11) Woon Ik Park‘s study “Host-Guest Self-assembly in Block Copolymer Blends” is published by Scientific reports.

(2013/09) Professor Yeon Sik Jung has been promoted to associate professor.

(2013/09) Jae Beom Jeon joins the group.

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FunNano Group is interested in enhancing device performances by using novel and practical nanotechnologies. We are studying new self-assembly materials and techniques forming sub-10 nm nanostructures based on polymers and nanoparticles. Our novel self-assembling systems aim for much superior precision, reliability, and reproducibility that would be adequate for large-scale manufacturing of nanoscale devices. Applications include sub-10 nm lithography, information storage devices, energy storage/capture devices, and sensors. Our group wants to be a joyful playground for creative students and postdocs pursuing careers in nano-science and nano-engineering. Please feel free to contact the group leader (Prof. Yeon Sik Jung) at to get more information or to make an appointment.



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“Three-Dimensional Nanofabrication by Block Copolymer Self-Assembly”

Advanced Materials, 2014, published online

Caroline A. Ross*, Karl K. Berggren, Joy Y. Cheng, Yeon Sik Jung,* and Jae-Byum Chang  [PDF file]

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