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FunNano Group is interested in enhancing device performances by using novel and practical nanotechnologies. We are studying new self-assembly materials and techniques forming sub-10 nm nanostructures based on polymers and nanoparticles. Our novel self-assembling systems aim for much superior precision, reliability, and reproducibility that would be adequate for large-scale manufacturing of nanoscale devices. Applications include sub-10 nm lithography, energy storage/capture devices, and sensors. Our group wants to be a joyful playground for creative students and postdocs pursuing careers in nano-science and nano-engineering. Please feel free to contact the group leader (Prof. Yeon Sik Jung) at to get more information or to make an appointment.

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Recent News

(2017/03) Seunghee Yu and Hyeuk Jin Han‘s study “Aria-Selective Lift-Off Mechanism Based on Dual-Triggered Interfacial Adhesion Switching: Highly Facile Fabrication of Flexible Nanomesh Electode” is accepted by ACS Nano.

(2017/03) Jung-Keun Yoo‘s study “Glyoxalated Polyacrylamide as a Covalently Attachable and Rapidly Cross-linkable Binder for Si Electrode in Lithium Ion Batteries” is accepted by Electronic Materials Letters.

(2017/03) Ye Ji Kim, Kyeong Min Song, Da Jeong Bae, and Yu Jin Han  join the group.

(2017/02) Tae Won Nam receives the Excellent Poster Award at 28th Optical Society of Korea Annual Meeting.

(2017/02) Min-Jae Choi receives the Excellent Paper Award.

(2017/01) Jaesuk Choi‘s study “Interfacial Band-Edge Engineered TiO2 Protection Layer on Cu2O Photocathodes for Efficient Water Reduction Reaction” is accepted by Electronic Materials Letters.

(2016/10) Jong Min Kim‘s study Reliable Memristive-Switching Memory Devices Enabled by Densely-Packed Silver Nanocone Arrays as Electric-Field Concentrators is accepted by ACS Nano.

(2016/09) Seunghee Cho, and Geonyeong Kim join the group

(2016/07) Jong Min Kim and Yoon Hyung Hur‘s study “A Block Copolymer with an Extremely High Block-to-Block Interaction for a Significant Reduction of Line-Edge Fluctuations in Self-Assembled Patterns” is accepted by Chemistry of Materials.

(2016/07) Jae Won Jeong‘s study “Three-dimensional Cross-point Plasmonic Nano-architectures Containing Dense and Regular Hot Spots for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Analysis” is accepted by Advanced materials.

(2016/05) Soonmin Yim‘s study “Surface-Shielding Nanostructures Derived from Self-Assembled Block Copolymers Enable Reliable Plasma Doping for Few-Layer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides” is accepted by Advanced Functional materials.

(2016/04) Tae Won Nam receives the Excellent Presentation Award in The Polymer Society of Korea 2016 Spring Meeting.

(2016/02) Jongmin Kim receives the Excellent Poster Award at the 23rd Korea Conference on Semiconductors

(2016/02) Prof. Yeon Sik Jung receives the Academic Excellence Award from KAIST.

(2016/02) Jae won Jeong receives Chunghyun creativity Award.

(2016/02) Min-Jae Choi (Silver Medal) wins Samsung Human Tech Awards.

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“Aria-Selective Lift-Off Mechanism Based on Dual-Triggered Interfacial Adhesion Switching: Highly Facile Fabrication of Flexible Nanomesh Electrode”

ACS Nano, 2017, 3, Accepted


Seunghee Yu+, Hyeuk Jin Han+, Jong Min Kim, Soonmin Yim, Dong Min Sim, Hunhee Lim, Jung Hye Lee, Woon Ik Park, Jae Hong Park, Kwang Ho Kim*, and Yeon Sik Jung* (+ co-first) [PDF File]




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