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2020 –

Surface-functionalized SERS platform for deep learning-assisted diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2024, 116128
Minjoon Kim+, Sejoon Huh+, Hyung Joon Park+, Seunghee H. Cho, Min-Young Lee*, Sungho Jo*, Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Minjoon Kim, Sejoon Huh and Hyung Joon Park contributed to this work equally.

Illuminating Recent Progress in Nanotransfer Printing: Core Principles, Emerging Applications, and Future Perspectives

Advanced Science, 2023, 2303704
Junseong Ahn+, Hanhwi Jang+, Yongrok Jeong+, Seongsu Choi, Jiwoo Ko, Soon Hyoung Hwang, Jun-Ho Jeong*, Yeon Sik Jung*, Inkyu Park* [Link]

*Selected as a front cover

Junseong Ahn, Hanhwi Jang and Yongrok Jeong contributed to this work equally.

Advances in thermoelectric AgBiSe2: Properties, strategies, and future challenges

Heliyon, 2023, 9, e21117
Hanhwi Jang, Yeon Sik Jung*, Min-Wook Oh* [Link]

Efficient and sustainable water electrolysis achieved by excess electron reservoir enabling charge replenishment to catalysts

Nature Communications, 2023, 14, 5402
Gyu Rac Lee+, Jun Kim+, Doosun Hong+, Ye Ji Kim, Hanhwi Jang, Hyeuk Jin Han, Chang-Kyu Hwang, Donghun Kim*, Jin Young Kim*, Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Gyu Rac Lee, Jun Kim and Doosun Hong contributed to this work equally.

Sub‐30 nm 2D Perovskites Patterns via Block Copolymer Guided Self‐Assembly for Color Conversion Optical Polarizer

Small, 2300568
Youjin Park, Hyowon Han, Hyeokjung Lee, Sohee Kim, Tae Hyun Park, Jihye Jang, Gwanho Kim, Yemin Park, Jiyeon Lee, Dongjun Kim, Jiwon Kim, Yeon Sik Jung*, Beomjin Jeong*, Cheolmin Park* [Link]

Enhanced thermoelectric properties of NbCoSn half-Heuslers through in-situ nanocrystallization of amorphous precursors during the consolidation process

Journal of Materials Science & Technology.,2023, 165, 39-48
Chanwon Jung, Kyuseon Jang, Hail Park, Jeongin Jang, Hanhwi Jang, Byungchul Kang, Kitae Park, Siyuan Zhang, Ruben Bueno Villoro, SuDong Park, Ho Jin Ryu, Yeon Sik Jung, Min-Wook Oh, Christina Scheu, Seong-Hoon Yi*, Pyuck-Pa Choi* [Link]

Customized Patterning of Deep Nanowell Structures in Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for Highly Enhanced Fuel Cell Performances

ACS Appl. Energy Mater.,2023, 6, 5, 3052–3060
Kiung Jeon+, SangJae Lee+, Jong Min Kim, Sukkee Um, EunAe Cho* and Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Kiung Jeon and SangJae Lee contributed to this work equally.

Bifunctional Electrode Design Targeting Co‐Enhanced Kinetics and Mass Transport for Hydrogen and Water Oxidation Reactions

Advanced Functional Materials, 2023, 2302586
Ye Ji Kim+, Ahyoun Lim+, Gyu Rac Lee, Minjoon Kim, Jin Young Kim, Jong Min Kim, Yeon Sik Jung* and Hyun S Park* [Link]

Ye Ji Kim and Ahyoun Lim contributed to this work equally.

Ultrahigh-resolution quantum dot patterning for advanced optoelectronic devices

Chem. Commun., 2023,59, 2697-2710
Tae Won Nam, Min-Jae Choi* and Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Twisted grain boundary leads to high thermoelectric performance in tellurium crystals

Energy Environ. Sci., 2023, 16, 125-137
Stanley Abbey+, Hanhwi Jang+, Brakowaa Frimpong, Naveen Kumar, Woo Hyun Nam, Van Quang Nguyen, Jong Ho Park, Chien Viet Nguyen, Hosun Shin, Jae Yong Song, Su-Dong Park, Sunglae Cho, Chandan Bera, Jaimin Kang, Byong-Guk Park, Muath Al Malki, G. Jeffrey Snyder, Yeon Sik Jung, Ki-Ha Hong and Min-Wook Oh* [Link]

*Selected as a back cover

Stanley Abbey and Hanhwi Jang contributed to this work equally.

Dual-Phase Stabilized Perovskite Nanowires for Reduced Defects and Longer Carrier Lifetime

Advanced Functional Materials, 2022, 2210155
Yoo Min Shin+, Ji Hyeon Lee+, Geon Yeong Kim+, Hae Mee Ju, Yeon Sik Jung, Jea Woong Jo,* and Min-Jae Choi* [Link]

Yoo Min Shin, Ji Hyeon Lee and Geon Yeong Kim contributed to this work equally.

Noninvasive and Direct Patterning of High-Resolution Full-Color Quantum Dot Arrays by Programmed Microwetting

ACS Nano, 2022, 16, 10, 16598-16607

Kyeong Min Song, Moohyun Kim, Hyunjin Cho, Hongjoo Shin, Geon Yeong Kim, Soonmin Yim,
Tae Won Nam* and Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Suppressing Charged Cation Antisites via Se Vapor Annealing Enables p-Type Dopability in AgBiSe2–SnSe Thermoelectrics

Advanced Materials, 2022, 34(38), 2204132
Hanhwi Jang, Michael Y. Toriyama, Stanley Abbey, Brakowaa Frimpong, James P. Male, G. Jeffrey Snyder*, Yeon Sik Jung*, Min-Wook Oh* [Link]

*Selected as a front cover

Polychromatic Quantum Dot Array to Compose a Community Signal Ensemble for Multiplexed miRNA Detection

ACS Nano, 2022, 16(7), 11115–11123
Tae Won Nam+, Yeonkyung Park+, Yeon Sik Jung*, and Hyun Gyu Park* [Link]

Tae Won Nam, Yeonkyung Park contributed to this work equally.

High-Capacity Ti3C2Tx MXene Electrodes Achieved by Eliminating Intercalated Water Molecules Using a Co-solvent System

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2022, 14(26), 30080–30089
Byung Jun Park, Yeoheung Yoon, Young Hee Han, and Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Heat-fueled enzymatic cascade for selective oxyfunctionalization of hydrocarbons

Nature Communications, 2022, 13, 3741
Jaeho Yoon+, Hanhwi Jang+, Min-Wook Oh, Thomas Hillberath, Frank Hollmann, Yeon Sik Jung* & Chan Beum Park* [Link]

Jaeho Yoon, Hanhwi Jang contributed to this work equally.

Self-Induced Solutal Marangoni Flows Realize Coffee-Ring-Less Quantum Dot Microarrays with Extensive Geometric Tunability and Scalability

Advanced Science, 2022, 9, 11, 2104519
Jeongsu Pyeon, Kyeong Min Song, Yeon Sik Jung, Hyoungsoo Kim* [Link]

Separation-free bacterial identification in arbitrary media via deep neural network-based SERS analysis

Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2022, 202, 113991
Eojin Rho+, Minjoon Kim+, Seunghee H. Cho, Bongjae Choi, Hyungjoon Park, Hanhwi Jang, Yeon Sik Jung*, Sungho Jo* [Link]

Eojin Rho, Minjoon Kim contributed to this work equally.

Modulation and Modeling of Three-Dimensional Nanowire Assemblies Targeting Gas Sensors with High Response and Reliability

Advanced Functional Materials, 2022, 32(10), 2108891
Hyeuk Jin Han, Gyu Rac Lee, Yujin Han, Hanhwi Jang, Eugene N. Cho, Sunho Kim, Chang Sub Kim, Soonmin Yim, Jae Won Jeong, Jong Min Kim, Seunghee Yu, Harry L. Tuller,* and Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Comparative Study of Thermoelectric Properties of Sb2Si2Te6 and Bi2Si2Te6

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2022, 14(1), 1270-1279
Hanhwi Jang, Stanley Abbey, Brakowaa Frimpong, Chien Viet Nguyen, Pawel Ziolkowski, Gregor Oppitz, Moohyun Kim, Jae Yong Song, Ho Sun Shin, Yeon Sik Jung & Min-Wook Oh* [Link]

Metal oxide charge transfer complex for effective energy band tailoring in multilayer optoelectronics

Nature Communications, 2022, 13, 75
Moohyun Kim+, Byoung-Hwa Kwon+ , Chul Woong Joo, Myeong Seon Cho, Hanhwi Jang, Ye ji Kim, Hyunjin Cho, Duk Young Jeon, Eugene N. Cho* & Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Moohyun Kim, Byoung-Hwa Kwon contributed to this work equally.

Synergistic Integration of Chemo-Resistive and SERS Sensing for Label-Free Multiplex Gas Detection

Advanced Materials, 2021, 33(44), 2105199
Hyeuk Jin Han+, Seunghee H. Cho+, Sangjun Han, Ji-Soo Jang, Gyu Rac Lee, Eugene N. Cho, Sang-Joon Kim, Il-Doo Kim, Min Seok Jang, Harry L. Tuller, Judy J. Cha, Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Hyeuk Jin Han, Seunghee H. Cho contributed to this work equally.

Current-induced manipulation of exchange bias in IrMn/NiFe bilayer structures

Nature Communications, 2021, 12, 6420
Jaimin Kang, Jeongchun Ryu*, Jong-Guk Choi, Taekhyeon Lee, Jaehyeon Park, Soogil Lee, Hanhwi Jang, Yeon Sik Jung, Kab-Jin Kim & Byong-Guk Park* [Link]

Regulating Te Vacancies through Dopant Balancing via Excess Ag Enables Rebounding Power Factor and High Thermoelectric Performance in p-Type PbTe

Advanced Science, 2021, 8, 20, 2100895
Hanhwi Jang+, Jong Ho Park+, Ho Seong Lee, Byungki Ryu, Su-Dong Park, Hyeon-Ah Ju, Sang-Hyeok Yang, Young-Min Kim, Woo Hyun Nam, Heng Wang, James Male, Gerald Jeffrey Snyder, Minjoon Kim, Yeon Sik Jung*, Min-Wook Oh* [Link]

Hanhwi Jang, Jong Ho Park contributed to this work equally.

*Selected as a cover paper

Synergistic SERS Enhancement in GaN-Ag Hybrid System toward Label-Free and Multiplexed Detection of Antibiotics in Aqueous Solutions

Advanced Science, 2021, 8, 19, 2100640
Kang Hyun Lee+ , Hanhwi Jang+, Yoon Seok Kim, Chul-Ho Lee, Seunghee H. Cho, Minjoon Kim, Hoki Son, Kang Bin Bae, Dung Van Dao, Yeon Sik Jung*, In-Hwan Lee* [Link]

Kang Hyun Lee, Hanhwi Jang contributed to this work equally.

*Selected as a cover paper

Universal vertical standing of block copolymer microdomains enabled by a gradient block

Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2021, 9, 14021-14029
Seung Won Song+, Yoon Hyung Hur+, Yemin Park, Eugene N. Cho, Hyeuk Jin Han, Hanhwi Jang, Jisoo Oh, Geunyoung Yeom, Jisun Lee, Kwang-Sub Yoon, Chang-Min Park, Insung Kim, YongJoo Kim*, Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Seung Won Song, Yoon Hyung Hur contributed to this work equally.

Unconventional grain growth suppression in oxygen-rich metal oxide nanoribbons

Science Advances, 2021, 7, 41, eabh2012
Hyeuk Jin Han+, Gyu Rac Lee+, Yujun Xie, Hanhwi Jang, David J. Hynek, Eugene N. Cho, Ye Ji Kim, Yeon Sik Jung*, Judy J. Cha* [Link]

Hyeuk Jin Han, Gyu Rac Lee contributed to this work equally.

Microcellular sensing media with ternary transparency states for fast and intuitive identification of unknown liquids

Science Advances, 2021, 7, 38, eabg8013
Kyeong Min Song, Shinho Kim, Sungmin Kang, Tae Won Nam, Geon Yeong Kim, Hunhee Lim, Eugene N. Cho, Kwang Ho Kim, Se Hun Kwon*, Min Seok Jang*, Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

A Systematic Study of the Interactions in the Top Electrode/Capping Layer/Thin Film Encapsulation of Transparent OLEDs

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 2021, 93, 237-244
Byoung-Hwa Kwon*, Hyunkoo Lee, Moohyun Kim, Chul Woong Joo, Hyunsu Cho, Jong Tae Lim, Yeon Sik Jung [Link]

Hierarchically Layered Nanocomposite Electrodes Formed by Spray-Injected MXene Nanosheets for Ultrahigh-Performance Flexible Supercapacitors

Applied Surface Science, 2021, 549, 149226
Lei Li, Jianjian Fu, Young-Rae Cho, Je Moon Yun, Yeon Sik Jung*, Se Hun Kwon*, Kwang Ho Kim* [Link]

High-Performance Ultracapacitor Electrodes Realized by 3-Dimensionally Bicontinuous Block Copolymer Nanostructures with Enhanced Ion Kinetics

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2021, 9, 16119-16128
Gun Ho Lee, Byung Jun Park, Tae Won Nam, Ye Ji Kim, Gyu Rac Lee, Eugene N. Cho, and Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Conformation-Modulated Three-Dimensional Electrocatalysts for High-Performance Fuel Cell Electrodes

Science Advances, 2021, 7, 30, eabe9083
Jong Min Kim, Ahrae Jo, Kyung Ah Lee, Hyeuk Jin Han, Ye Ji Kim, Ho Young Kim, Gyu Rac Lee, Minjoon Kim, Yemin Park, Yun Sik Kang, Juhae Jung, Keun Hwa Chae, Eoyoon Lee, Hyung Chul Ham, Hyunchul Ju, Yeon Sik Jung*, and Jin Young Kim* [Link]

Order-Disorder Transition-Induced Band Nestification in AgBiSe2–CuBiSe2 Solid Solutions for Superior Thermoelectric Performance

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2021, 9, 4648-4657
Hanhwi Jang, Stanley Abbey, Woo Hyun Nam, Brakowaa Frimpong, Chien Viet Nguyen, Sung-Jae Joo, Ho Sun Shin, Jae Yong Song, Eugene N. Cho, Moohyun Kim, Yeon Sik Jung* and Min-Wook Oh* [Link]

Vertically aligned Nanostructures for a Reliable and Ultrasensitive SERS-Active Platform: Fabrication and Engineering Strategies

Nano Today, 2021, 37, 101063
Yang Liu, Minjoon Kim, Seunghee H. Cho, Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Controlling Hot Electron Flux and Catalytic Selectivity with Nanoscale Metal-Oxide Interfaces

Nature Communications, 2021, 12, 40
Si Woo Lee+, Jong Min Kim+, Woonghyeon Park+, Hyosun Lee, Gyu Rac Lee, Yousung Jung*, Yeon Sik Jung*, and Jeong Young Park* [Link]

Si Woo Lee, Jong Min Kim, and Woonghyeon Park contributed to this work equally.

Template Dissolution Interfacial Patterning of Single Colloids for Nanoelectrochemistry and Nanosensing

ACS Nano, 2020, 14(12), 17693
Joong Bum Lee, Harriet Walker, Yi Li, Tae Won Nam, Aliaksandra Rakovich, Riccardo Sapienza, Yeon Sik Jung, Yoon Sung Nam*, Stefan A. Maier, and Emiliano Cortés* [Link]

Highly Efficient Deep Blue Cd‐Free Quantum Dot Light‐Emitting Diodes by a p‐Type Doped Emissive Layer

Small, 2020, 16(40), 2002109
Hyunjin Cho, Sunjoong Park, Hongjoo Shin, Moohyun Kim, Hanhwi Jang, Jaehyun Park, Joong Hwan Yang, Chang Wook Han, Ji Ho Baek, Yeon Sik Jung*, and Duk Young Jeon* [Link]

Highly efficient oxygen evolution reaction via facile bubble transport realized by three-dimensionally stack-printed catalysts

Nature Communications, 2020, 11(4921)
Ye Ji Kim, Ahyoun Lim, Jong Min Kim, Donghoon Lim, Keun Hwa Chae, Eugene N. Cho, Hyeuk Jin Han, Ki Ung Jeon, Moohyun Kim, Gun Ho Lee, Gyu Rac Lee, Hyun S. Ahn, Hyun S. Park, Hyoungsoo Kim, Jin Young Kim*, and Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Simulation and Fabrication of Nanoscale Spirals Based on Dual-Scale Self-Assemblies

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2020, 12(41), 46678–46685
Gun Ho Lee, Shinho Kim, YongJoo Kim*, Min Seok Jang*, and Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Cascade Domino Lithography for Extreme Photon Squeezing

Materials Today, 2020, 39, 89-97
lInki Kim+, Jungho Mun+, Kwang Min Baek, Minkyung Kim, Chenglong Hao, Cheng-Wei Qiu, Yeon Sik Jung, Junsuk Rho* [Link]

Enhanced Flux of Chemically-Induced Hot Electrons on Pt Nanowire/Si Nanodiode during Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide

Nanoscale Advances, 2020, 2, 4410-4416
Heeyoung Kim+, Ye Ji Kim+, Yeon Sik Jung*, Jeong Y. Park* [Link]

Heeyoung Kim and Ye Ji Kim contributed to this work equally.

Surface Wrinkle Formation by Liquid Crystalline Polymers for Significant Light Extraction Enhancement on Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes

Optics Express, 2020, 28(18), 26519-26530
Sooyoung Yeom, Hakjeon Kim, Kitae Kim, Chul Woong Joo, Hyunjin Cho, Hyunsu Cho, Sukyung Choi, Won Jun Lee, Yeon Sik Jung, Byoung-Hwa Kwon, and Jun-Hee Na [Link]

Desolvation‐Triggered Versatile Transfer‐Printing of Pure BN Films with Thermal–Optical Dual Functionality

Advanced Materials, 2020, 32(38), 2002099
Yujin Han, Hyeuk Jin Han, Yoonhyuk Rah, Cheolgyu Kim, Moohyun Kim, Hunhee Lim, Kwang Ho Ahn, Hanhwi Jang, Kyoungsik Yu, Taek‐Soo Kim, Eugene N. Cho*, Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Thermally Assisted Nanotransfer Printing with Sub–20-nm Resolution and 8-inch Wafer Scalability

Science Advances, 2020, 6(31), eabb6462
Tae Wan Park+, Myunghwan Byun+, Hyunsung Jung, Gyu Rac Lee, Jae Hong Park, Hyun-Ik Jang, Jung Woo Lee, Se Hun Kwon, Seungbum Hong, Jong-Heun Lee, Yeon Sik Jung*, Kwang Ho Kim*, and Woon Ik Park* [Link]

Metallic Woodpile Nanostructures for Femtomolar Sensing of Alzheimer’s Neurofilament Lights

ACS Nano, 2020, 14, 8, 10376–10384
Kayoung Kim+, Gyu Rac Lee+, Moohyun Kim, Hunhee Lim, Yeon Sik Jung*, and Chan Beum Park* [Link]

Kayoung Kim and Gyu Rac Lee contributed to this work equally.

Engineering Nanoscale Interfaces of Metal/Oxide Nanowires to Control Catalytic Activity

ACS Nano, 2020, 14, 7, 8335–8342
Hee Chan Song+, Gyu Rac Lee+, Kiung Jeon, Hyunhwa Lee, Si Woo Lee, Yeon Sik Jung*, and Jeong Young Park* [Link]

Hee Chan Song and Gyu Rac Lee contributed to this work equally.

Thermodynamic-Driven Polychromatic Quantum Dot Patterning for Light-Emitting Diodes Beyond Eye-Limiting Resolution

Nature Communications, 2020, 11, 3040
Tae Won Nam, Moohyun Kim, Yanming Wang, Geon Yeong Kim, Wonseok Choi, Hunhee Lim, Kyeong Min Song, Min-Jae Choi, Duk Young Jeon, Jeffrey C. Grossman, and Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Scalable Nanofabrication of Plasmonic Nanostructures for Trace-Amount Molecular Sensing Based on Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)

Smart Sensors and Systems, Springer, Cham. 2020, 71-92
Seunghee H. Cho, Kwang Min Baek, Yeon Sik Jung [Link]

Fabrication and Applications of 3D Nanoarchitectures for Advanced Electrocatalysts and Sensors

Advanced Materials, 2020, 32(35), 1907500
Ye Ji Kim, Gyu Rac Lee, Eugene N. Cho*, and Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Carboxylic Acid-Functionalized, Graphitic Layer-Coated Three-Dimensional SERS Substrate for Label-Free Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarkers

Nano Letters, 2020, 20(4), 2576-2584
Hyung Joon Park, Seunghee Cho, Minjoon Kim, and Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]

Cascade Surface Modification of Colloidal Quantum Dot Inks Enables Efficient Bulk Homojunction Photovoltaics

Nature Communications, 2020, 11, 103
Min-Jae Choi, F. Pelayo García de Arquer, Andrew H. Proppe, Ali Seifitokaldani, Jongmin Choi, Junghwan Kim, Se-Woong Baek, Mengxia Liu, Bin Sun, Margherita Biondi, Benjamin Scheffel, Grant Walters, Dae-Hyun Nam, Jea Woong Jo, Olivier Ouellette, Oleksandr Voznyy, Sjoerd Hoogland, Shana O. Kelley, Yeon Sik Jung* and Edward.H. Sargent* [Link]

Selective, Quantitative, and Multiplexed Surface‐Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Using Aptamer‐Functionalized Monolithic Plasmonic Nanogrids Derived from Cross‐Point Nano‐Welding

Advanced Functional Materials, 2020, 30(19), 2000612
Seunghee H. Cho, Kwang Min Baek, Hyeuk Jin Han, Minjoon Kim, Hyungjoon Park and Yeon Sik Jung* [Link]