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Directed Self-Assembly

Since 1960s, the number of transistors in an integrated circuit has roughly doubled every two years, showing exponential growth in the capabilities of electronic devices. This tendency has been sustained over the past several decades on the basis of continuous advancements in manufacturing technologies including optical lithography. However, photolithography is reaching a physical limit in resolution and thus, alternative technologies such as extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography, nanoimprint lithography, interference lithography and directed self-assembly (DSA) are rapidly emerging.
DSA of block copolymers (BCPs) has recently attracted much attention as a promising candidate for the next-generation lithography due to its capacity to provide excellent resolution and scalability. The self-assembly of BCPs, two mutually incompatible polymer chains connected via covalent bonding, can create sub-10 nm periodic patterns with different geometries such as dots, lines, holes, and rings, while even more complex features such as bends, T-junctions, and jogs have already been demonstrated. Based on these promising results, our research efforts have focused on resolving remaining challenges for DSA such as control over defects, resolution, and throughput for next-generation lithography with sub-10 nm resolution.

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